Evolving the tradition

"We believe athletes need to be assessed in unbiased, reliable conditions and real-time game environments"

Global Performance Testing are innovators in performance and fitness assessment with world leading quality assurance and training in reliability and data collection services.

Draft combines and trials have evolved and GPT innovates by creating the complete, holistic and unbiased environment for an athlete to be truly evaluated in four key aspects of the ability.






Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance (GPTQA) is an international accreditation system for valid, consistent and reliable testing and assessment of people.

Our managed draft combines use trained and experienced staff in game specificity, physiology, psychology and sociology to assess the athletes in isolation and in real-time game play.

"We need to see the athlete play and get a baseline of their holistic form"

Combine 13

What does a GPT combine look like?

See an example of an end to end trial and combine solution...