Combine 31


A comprehensive draft combine

  1. Pre-draft combine
    1. Consultation with the client to determine resources required and outcomes desired
    2. Advice on screening protocols for fitness, physical ability, cognitive ability, sport specific technical ability, psychology and sociology
    3. Venue organisation
    4. Event marketing and media planning
    5. Data delivery and analysis planning
  2. Athlete registration and pre-screening
    1. Collection of athlete personal data and event registration
    2. Administration of consent to meet requirements of privacy, data protection and athlete/client protection
    3. Screening for psychological and sociological measures
    4. Research into athletes history and sporting acknowledgements
  3. Staff co-ordination
    1. Supply of all professional, accredited and experienced staff including but not limited to sports psychologists, GPTQA assessors, umpires and game officials, researchers, coaches, videographers, data analysts, event managers and event assistants
  4. Fitness and physical performance testing
    1. Complete battery of purposeful and valid protocols specific to the sport and clients needs assessed objectively
    2. All testing is provided under strict Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance (GPTQA) conditions including trained and experienced staff on every protocol
    3. Professional equipment including laser timing systems, heart rate monitoring, 3D body scanning, 3D functional movement tracking, body composition screening and leading data collection software and hardware
  5. Technical ability testing
    1. Sport specific individual testing including technical abilities with comparisons with and without specific sporting equipment
    2. Simulated sport specific moments assessed objectively
  6.  Sport specific assessment
    1. Simulated training session by qualified and experience sport specific coach including warm up and pre-conditioned format in unbiased environment
    2. Simulated games with qualified and accredited match officials to ensure continuity and unbiased reliability
    3.  All sport specific assessments are recorded using the latest game play analysis equipment and use of athlete tracking such as GPS and physical monitoring for analysis of individual performance
    4. Sport specific assessment also considers areas of players cognitive abilities to interpret instruction and individual psychology in a controlled environment
  7. Health, safety and wellness
    1. On-site professionals for athlete welfare including first aid, physiotherapy and additional services as required
    2. Athlete management during combine including RFID tracking
  8. Media
    1. Support and liaison to assist the clients media requirements including but not limited to live scoreboards, data pushing to apps, supply of real-time verified results.  NOTE: To remain unbiased, GPT cannot provide media services directly.
  9. Data analysis, reporting and delivery
    1. Data collected goes though multiple levels of verification and is delivered in various optional formats depending on the clients requirements
    2. Subjective information such as video content and certain screening reports are provided without interpretation to remain unbiased
    3. Support in areas of professional research and analysis are available through external alliances with leading sports institutes and research partners

Global Performance Testing provide a 100% unbiased and controlled environment to ensure validity, consistency and reliability for the clients to make educated and well-judged decisions on an athletes capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

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