Get some answers to frequently asked questions of GPT

Have GPTQA services been evaluated?

Yes.  GPTQA was evaluated independently by the Institute for Health and Sports (formally Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living - ISEAL) at Victoria University, Australia.

Can GPT provide advice on player selection?

No.  GPT is an unbiased service provider and have no input in to the selection of athletes.  Staff are trained and experienced in maintaining a controlled environment allowing the coaches or selectors the freedom to personal decisions based on unemotional fact.

Are GPT draft combines only for professional teams?

No.  GPT provide services for all ability levels and to suit budgets of all clients from community participation to the elite national sporting organisation.

Are GPT draft combines fixed in the services they offer?

No.  The client designs the event to their requirements.  GPT has considerable depth of knowledge, experience and resources to assist in this from a consultancy perspective.

Are GPT staff accredited?

Yes.  All staff provided by GPT are accredited to their specific role and, where required, having Working With Children checks.