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#Pre-Event registration

Pre-event registration is organised by the GPT team including all the necessary consent and protection for data and privacy.

Additional assessment through questionnaires can be provided to consider personal choices or psychological and sociological measures.

#Physical Testing

Custom physical testing in controlled conditions using GPTQA accredited and trained staff with the latest equipment to assess functional movement through 3D scanning, gross motor skills, reaction and forms of fitness including strength, power, speed, acceleration, agility, endurance, recovery and agility.

#Game Assessment

Unbiased game play and prescribed coaching sessions with accredited referees, umpires and coaches for consistency and reliability.

Training, warm up and game play are all recorded with the latest camera equipment and athletes wear GPS and personal monitoring systems for an in-depth information pack for the TiD manager.

#cognitive assessment

Specilised testing in game play, structural and tactical interpretation and coaching strategies.

Working with the combine client, GPT can simulate certain aspects of cognitive environments necessary for the level of athlete and assess with outcomes with experience and professionalism.

#Data Distribution

Secure data distribution to the athlete, coach, combine client or media partners to specification.

Opportunities for live-feeds and direct media links can be arranged including score-boarding on site.

Post event data reporting is provided with variable analysis as needed by the client and comprehensive research support with leading sporting institutes.

#comparable norms

As GPT has an expanding network of reliable data collection services, the ability to compare results and data against local, national and international normative information is available therefore expanding your reach to talent and development measures.


Invest in reliability

GPTQA urges any club or sporting organisation to invest time and effort in assuring quality and reliability for their athletes.  Utilising a GPT Draft Combine provides credibility and peace of mind plus a 100% unbiased delivery of true data.

#TrueData #DontSettleForAverage

Our mission:

To ensure the most reliable, end-to-end service for unbiased talent identification around the world.

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